What Is A Leveling Kit? Is It Beneficial For Me

Does your vehicle’s front sit a bit lower than the rear? It’s a common issue that can get on your nerves. However, the manufacturers put these common differences between front and rear on trucks and SUVs. A thing called ‘rake’ is the reason behind this imbalance. If you add heavy load into your truck bed, it may cause sagging which can wear out your suspension parts.

However, if you don’t want this feature, rather, want to lift the front of the vehicle, this is where leveling kits come handy. If you want to fit larger tires and eliminate the rake, then this is where leveling kits come handy.

If you want to know what is a leveling kit, then this is the right platform. We’ll discuss everything information you need on leveling kits. So, without further chit chat, let’s dive in.

What is a Leveling Kit?

You’ll see that most vehicles have a moderate amount of rake in their designs. By rake we mean, the truck’s front is slightly lower than its back. A leveling kit is a tool that helps to raise the front of your vehicle so that its overall stance gets even. What is a truck leveling kit you may ask? Well, it’s the same thing used especially for trucks.

If you want to fit larger wheels and tires on your vehicle with a little investment, adding a leveling kit is the decision you must choose.

Truck Leveling Kits Pros and Cons

Just simply knowing what is a leveling kit for a truck won’t do you any good. It is important to know its benefits and drawbacks as well. Well, here is the information that will help.

Truck Leveling Kits Pros

Having a leveling kit can offer you lots of advantages. One of the major advantages it has is to allow you to have larger tires than the stock ones to run all four corners. The upfront larger tires will be able to hit the inside of the truck’s fender or bumper when turning. In this case, if the truck gets a slight increase in height, it’s a total plus for it.

The suspension can sag if you have something like a pillow or winch to the front of the vehicle. Thus, the vehicle will have a much lower height than stock. However, a leveling kit might come handy in this case. It will be easy for the kit to bring up the front and end back up to the proper height. A leveling kit is the cheapest way if you want to give a boost to the height of your ride.

The best part is, installing a leveling kit is a piece of cake.

Truck Leveling Kits Cons

1. Death Wobble

Although truck leveling kits have tons of benefits, they also have their downsides. Sometimes the stance goes nose high especially when the trailer is included. And this may actually be stressful for a person. Your truck may experience a ‘death wobble’ after installing the leveling kit, A ‘death wobble’ is basically when the driver experiences uncontrolled steering oscillation. Stock trucks usually don’t face this issue. However, switching to leveling kit may arise such problems.

2. Warranty

The time you modify your truck, it is also the time to sacrifice the warranty offer. If you buy a new truck and somehow harmed your vehicle while modifying it, the dealer won’t take the responsibility for this incident. You may end up breaking something and go to your dealer to fix it. He’ll just simply wave it off. He never recommended doing any modification, did he? Then why would he take the responsibility?

This is why, before any modification, we recommend you to consult your dealer. Ask him whether adding a leveling kit will nullify the warranty or not.

3. Maintenance

Installing a leveling kit also means risking your suspension components. The components may wear out much faster than usual. Automobile companies manufacture most trucks to function a certain way. If you make a change then it may increase the amount of wear and tear on your truck. When it comes to the ball joints, wear is almost certain when you’ll adjust the front suspension.

Remember, the more the height of suspension is getting changed, the more is the chance of getting wear and tear. However, the wear won’t occur so much if you make small changes like two inches or less.

4. Gas Mileage

Getting a reduction in gas mileage is a common issue when you install leveling kit in your truck. The amount of wind resistance increases as the height of truck increases. Do you know why race cars have lower heights?

Because the drag and in turn increases simultaneously with the increase of air flow. As a result, the fuel consumption increases as well. You’ll get an increase in gas mileage if you lower your truck to level it.

Leveling Kit VS Lift Kit

With the help of lift kits, it is possible to raise both the front and rear of your truck. However, leveling kits can lift either the front or rear of your vehicle. 

Can installing a leveling kit be good for me to have a clearer view?

Can I combine both lift kit and leveling kit?

Is it harmful to my truck?

Final Words

Knowing what is a leveling kit is a must for every truck lovers out there. If you don’t know what your truck needs, then you cannot call yourself a good driver, right?

Now that you know all the information besides the pros and cons, it is entirely up to your decision if you want to install a leveling kit or not. Don’t go for the low-quality leveling kits for budget issues. Rather, find the best leveling kit that suits.

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