How To Install Running Boards? Learn Better Than Anyone Else

Is your granny having trouble getting in and out of your car? Do your grandparents have arthritis or some type of surgery? Are you a short person who faces a hard time getting inside your car?

Make your work easier with an amazing gadget that will help you get in and out of cars with convenience. 

Your elderly or loved one might need rides with assistance consistently. Depending on your loved one’s health and options in your family a running board provides easy mobility.

Don’t have any idea what is a running board is and how to install them? Well, you’re on the right platform. 

I’ll give you a brief idea on the running board and how to install running boards.

What Are Running Boards?

Running boards are designed to serve an additional step when getting in and out of the car, to avoid the climbing motion on the torso. 

A running board is a narrow step and linked to the bottom of the vehicles that act as an extra step for riders. Typically it is installed at the foot of the door. It is used especially into high vehicles for better footing. 

With the running boards around, your grandpa or grandma won’t have to struggle or hurt their backs while getting inside your car.

How To Install Running Board?

Running board is a great accessory for vehicles that will not only assist your loved ones but also give your vehicle a little extra flair and style. Moreover, it will protect the side of your vehicle from any scratches and trash.

Installing a running board is a piece of cake. No, I’m not gonna tell you to hire some guy and waste your money fixing it. You can do it all by yourself with your bare hands. All you need is some tools and rules.

Necessary Tools

  1. Drill Machine

  2. Ratchet and Socket Set

  3. Nuts and bolts

  4. Glasses and Gloves for safety

Read the manual

The first thing you need to do is open the packaging and make sure all the parts are here to install your running board. Then roll your eyes all through the manual. It will give you the information about how to install it. Read carefully how to adjust all the detached parts with the vehicles.

1. Check Factory Drilled Holes

Know if your vehicle consists of any pre-drilled mounting hole or not. If it already has factory drilled mounting holes, line up the mounting sections with the holes and attach the bolts. 

However, if there is no drilled hole, you have to drill it all by yourself but beware of drilling the frame as it can be dangerous. So, don't forget to put on your glasses and gloves for safety. Follow the producer’s guidance and drill your vehicle's frame.

2. Install Bolt Plate and attach the front bracket

Now locate the included front mounting brackets at the mounting hole points. Install the bolt plate into the factory holes to attach the brackets to the mounting points. 

Usually, the bolts are large and you’ll be able to fasten them securely. Don't tighten the bolts now as they may need more adjustment. Just finger-tight it for instant and compress it when the process will complete.

3. Repeat Process for Middle and Rear Brackets

Some models may have 2 or more brackets added on. Connect them in the same process above, one by one and leave them loose-fitting.

4. Locate Board on Brackets

When you are finally done fastening the brackets to your frame, mount the running boards above the brackets at the center point and adjust it as the bracket slot required.

Put the threaded part of the board facing down to the floor when you mount it on the bracket. After determining the correct position, lock the brackets tightly. Perform this process on every set of brackets.

5. Install All Hardware and Tighten Them

Are you now satisfied with the board's adjustment? Then you are in the final stage and it's time to tighten all the bolts strongly with the provided hardware. Don't forget to tighten the bolts of the opposite side.

How to Use Running Boards?

To get out from a car may be easy for you but not for the seniors or short ones.

How to use a running board? Use your running board as a ladder. In most cases, a running board sticks out about 3 inches. So, it's wide enough to hold any human being's feet.

Simply step on it and get in or out of the car. Riders don't have to move their body into a low squat position and maneuvering themselves sideways into the car.

Running boards Vs Side Steps

Running boards and side steps are both used for the same task. However, you'll need to consider if you're interested in the following cases.

  • Extra space between the step or not.

  • Additional features 

  • Ground clearance more or less

A side steps gadget provides extra space between the step and the transport. It has less ground clearance and less width foot space. For these cases, to step in the car is not easier. It includes features like custom-positioned step pads. 

On the other hand, for lower transport, the running board offers more ground clearance and leveled up against the hard spaces. It includes full-length and rich profile features.

Some relevance FAQ for you

Are running boards necessary?

Are running boards worth it?

And Finally

To prevent awkward positions required to enter and exit a car, using a running board is the best way. A running board can vastly improve your quality of riding records by allowing your loved one to get in and out of the car easily.

I already discussed how to install running boards. So go through this easy process to install this great gadget in your vehicle.

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