The 10 Best Leveling Kit In 2020. Avoid The Lift Kits.

Your truck, car, or whatever vehicle you have is like a son to you. At least this is what almost every driver feel like. If you have a vehicle but you’re not being able to spend quality time with it, there are many reasons to blame.

One of the most important reasons people usually have, they don’t level their vehicle properly. Sometimes, the factory settings of the vehicle don’t let you have the fun you always desired to have your vehicle. The solution to this problem is to get yourself a leveling kit and i​​​​n​​​​stall it.

But you surely want the perfect leveling kit for your ‘baby’ right. Well, if that’s the case, then you’re in the right place. We’re about to take you on a tour to find the best leveling kit for you. We’ll give the reviews of the top 10 leveling kits that have been running hot in the market. So without further ado, let’s dive in.

The Top 10 Leveling Kits Review

Below are the top 10 collections of leveling kits that are famous for their excellent service. Choose the one you need wisely. Also, do check the information we’ve provided so that you don’t end up getting the wrong leveling kit.

1. Andersen Hitches 2 Pack

Want to level your camper, RV or Trailer in 5 minutes? You can do it even in lesser time. Get your hands on the Andersen Hitches 2 pack leveling kit. You’ll be able to level your car on the first try simply by driving on.

Andersen Hitches offers you the only on-the-fly, precise camper leveling system. The increment comes in between ½” and 4” (lifts up to 4”) that comes right from the driver’s seat. Say your days goodbye where you had to get in and out of the driver’s seat.

The chocks are levelers are completely made out of plastic. You’ll have the leveler part that comes with the width about 6 inches. Using the holes in the middle, the levelers can withstand heavy weights that come up to 30000 lbs.

To lock the wheel in place, all you need to do is just drive up to the leveler. Now use the chock to lock and voila! Your wheels are placed on it. Leveling a camper that comes between half an inch and 4 inches is just a piece of cake for this leveler.

If you have tires between 2 to 3 inches, this leveling kit will work like a gem. Fitting a standard camper or RV tires is easy for this amazing leveler. However, if you face issue while fitting the tire, you can trim the leveler up to 4 inches. Keep in mind that only a Class C RV with a GVWR of 11,000 is compatible with this leveler.

Highlighted Features

  • You can level your vehicle using the Andersen Hitches leveling kit within just 5 minutes.
  • Has got only on-the-fly, precise camper leveling system to set the increment between ½” and 4” (lifts up to 4”) that comes right from the driver’s seat.
  • Can withstand loads up to 30000 lbs.
  • Easy installation and fitting system.

2. APS iBoard Running Boards

One of the best kits that have been running hot in the market is the APS iBoard Running Boards. With the package, you’ll be able to get 2 iBoard running boards along with mounting brackets and hardware kit. All these tools make sure you have an easy DIY installing experience.

You don’t need to stress yourself with the durability of the product. It is constructed by solid aircraft grade 6061 aluminum. Aircraft grade aluminum? Yes, you actually read it right.

If you are worried about corrosion then today your worries are about to break. The APS iBoard Running board arrives with the best corrosion protection feature. All these features ensure you a durability package that teams up with unbeatable strength. This amazing beast can load weights up to 300 LBS.

Other iBoard running boards do not have a good quality step pad. Grab the APS iBoard Running Boards instead. It has got 5” wide corrugated rubber step pad. To make sure you have secured and slip-proof step, this step pad covers the entire running board.

It has got a unique low profile design so that you can upgrade your truck’s style. With your eyes closed, get yourself the APS iBoard running board as installing the rocker panel mount is easy peasy.

If you have any issues with the product, then there’s nothing to worry about. The APS iBoard running boards have 6 months of warranty. You will able to get your problems fixed without spending a penny.

Highlighted Features

  • The product boasts solid aluminum running boards which ensures corrosion protection, increased durability, and strength.
  • To make sure you have a secure, slip-proof comfortable step, it provides a 5 inches wide rubber step pad.
  • The unique low profile design will upgrade the style of your truck.
  • It arrives with a 6-month warranty offer.

3. Airlift 1000

Lifting your car won’t be a hassle anymore. Did you have any problem with other leveling kits as they don’t fit the open coil springs on the front or rear of your car? Most kits do have these problems.

If you buy the cheap mainstream leveling kits, there are obvious chances that you might get disappointed. Well, let your stress go away and get yourself the Airlift 1000 instead. The Airlift 1000 fits almost all the open coil springs on the front or rear of a vehicle.

It offers up to 1,000 pounds of load capacity that makes it a beast compared to its competitors. Let’s give you more surprising news. Airlift 1000 is the flagship kit of the Airlift brand. And you know how a ‘flagship’ is important. Get yourself a convenient and stress-free experience with the Airlift 1000 as you tow and haul with your Dodge/Ram 1500 with comfort.

You might have a terrible experience while frequently using a kit in the past. Well, the Airlift 1000 surely is one exception in this case. You can use it frequently and for fully adjustable use, this industry-leading air spring is the perfect friend for your vehicle. It eliminates almost all the negative issues you might face.

Adding airbags is now pretty easy and it will help you to eliminate all the frequently faced problems you dealt with.

The Airlift 1000 comes with added stability and weight distribution. Now you’ll be able to haul safely as you’ll know you have optimal braking and steering control. To make sure your vehicle can be ready for any weight and any situation, the air springs can be adjusted from 5-35 PSI. All you need to do is add air while you tow and haul and deflate when riding empty.

You don’t have to ask the quality, longevity and customer satisfaction. To make sure they all meet reach to the peak, all the hardware have been torture-tested for 1 million cycles on their hydraulic test rig.

Let’s not forget about the lifetime warranty and 60 days ride satisfaction guarantee for your satisfaction. If you are not satisfied with the product, simply call your seller.

Highlighted Features

  • It easily fits almost all open coil springs on the front or rear of any vehicle.
  • You can adjust the air to custom-tune in your desired ride.
  • Installing the kit is just a piece of cake. You can do it all by yourself using common tools.
  • Has a lifetime warranty and 60 days ride satisfaction guarantee.

4. EAZ Lift 48058

If your search for the perfect leveling kit has been still going on, you can try the EAZ lift 48058. It has been specially designed for the vehicles to give a smoother ride. The popular hitch control feature will wow you.

You won’t need to buy extra nuts and bolts at all as the lifting kit comes with all the nuts and bolts. You’ll also be provided an easy to read instruction manual with this product that will help you with the installation.

Want to know one of the best features of this model? Like a hitch ball and sway control, the model is definitely a pre-installed component that makes it even easier to use.

As for durability is concerned, the heavy steel construction makes gives the product a heavy-duty outlook while making it long lasting.

One of the best parts you’ll probably come across is when you learn that in order to offer a lot of clearance space, the chain package is also installed on the trunnion. This makes the hitch kit friendly for almost any type of vehicle. It doesn’t matter if you have a car or an SUV, the hitch kit will still blend perfectly with them.

It is true that the hitch kit can generate some noise. However, the weight distribution hitch that combines with the sway control is absolutely superb.

Highlighted Features

  • The leveling kit gives you a smoother ride. You’ll be able to have positive latching action with the interchangeable bars.
  • The whole package includes 1000 lb weight distributing hitch along with sway control and 2-5/16” hitch ball.
  • You’re getting pre-installed U-bolts and Chain Package that is located on the spring bars.
  • It’s easy to install and the package includes all mounting hardware.

5. Airlift 57275

This awesome leveling kit is the one you and your car need. Once you get yourself the Airlift 57275, you’ll have a new kind of towing and hauling experience. With the Airlift adjustable air helper springs, towing and hauling will be safer now.

To stabilize the vehicle, the weight needs to be distributed to the four tires. Well, the Airlift adjustable air springs will easily distribute the weight to the four tires of your vehicle to take the safety and ride comfort to their peaks.

Other brands cover only the air springs, However, Airlift brand covers the entire contents, the kit comes with. This is another plus for you as it protects the components.

Had experience with sag and bottoming out? You’ll get these problems when you’ll buy the mainstream products that are cheap and useless. Why don’t you try the Airlift 57275 instead? Say goodbye to sag and bottoming out.

Installing this amazing kit won’t let you have any hassle. You’ll be provided with all the instructions you need.

You’ll be impressed to know the leveling capacity of this kit. It can take loads up to 5000 pounds while being one of the best kits in the market.

Highlighted Features

  • Lets you have amazing towing and hauling experience safely.
  • Can get rid of sag and bottoming out.
  • It’s really easy to install the kits with the instructions provided.
  • Can lift up to 5000 pounds of loads.

6. Dorman 949-001

You can try this amazing kit for your vehicle if you want a secured performance. The new Dorman 949-001 went through several rigorous tests for sustained and secured performance by quality engineers.

If your vehicle has an excessive amount of suspension sag, then you don’t have to worry a bit. The Dorman 949-001 will make sure the job is done. Not only will it eliminate problems but also the Dorman 949-001 will restore vehicle handling while making sure you can drive safely.

The Dorman 949-001 comes with a whole package full of new components. You don’t have to buy extra tools separately as the product has it covered. Motor, dryer, etc, you name it, you’ll have it all with the product. Thus, you won’t be needing to rebuild rusty components as well.

To improve ride, handling, load capacity, and aerodynamics, lots of cars nowadays are using active air suspension. This increases the fuel efficiency of a car. The dealer may have to spend a lot of fortune if the components fail.

The installation is probably the easiest one, a leveling kit can ever come up with. You need to take the extra hassle to install this kit. All you need to do is, plug the kit and you’re ready to go.

The leveling it has enhanced corrosion-resistant feature that will keep your kit from harm. This ensures the durability and longevity of the product.

Highlighted Features

  • Eliminates all types of suspension sag every effectively.
  • The whole package comes with extra tools so that you can install it easily.
  • It is resistant to corrosion which increases the durability of the product.
  • You’ll be able to restore the active suspension function using this amazing leveling kit.

7. Rough Country-28830

Want to give your truck the perfect blend of performance, protection, and style? You can rely on the Rough Country 28830 with your eyes closed. This kit has been running superbly in the market and people have been craving for it.

It surely covers all the demands of a person who loves his car and wants to take care of it. As a driver, you should know the importance of ground clearance, don’t you? If you are driving on rough and bumpy roads, the higher ground clearance, the better.

Otherwise, your vehicle will get scratches on the underbelly.

With the Rough Country 28830 around, you won’t have to stress a bit about the ground clearance at all. You’ll have increased ground clearance that will keep your vehicle safe from touching the ground, Thus, there’s no chance of getting scratches at all.

With the new Rough Country 28830 installed in your vehicle, you won’t feel at all that something has changed. There are a lot of kits available in the market that harms the vehicle. Later, the vehicle ends up having its whole quality and performance changed.

However, the Rough Country 28830 is an exception in this case. Experience the factory ride quality while your vehicle rides the way its manufacturers wanted it to.

The fabricated blocks that the Rough Country 28830 arrives with are stronger and longer than other competitors. As the fabricated blocks are better than cast blocks, they’re also more durable as well.

So you’ve bought the kit leveling kit and you’re not sure if it’s the right product for you? Well, there’s no room for stress. The Rough Country 28830 has a lifetime replacement offer. So if you ever face any problem, you can change it anytime you want.

Highlighted Features

  • Has increased ground clearance which will save your vehicle’s underbelly getting in contact with the ground.
  • Has got premium N3 shock absorbers that boost its performance for on and off-road use.
  • The fabricated blocks the leveling kit holds are stronger and more durable.
  • Has got a lifetime replacement offer.

8. K&N Air Intake

What’s the most important thing you desire when you drive your car? If your mind is like most of the drivers, then the answer is ‘speed.’ Every driver, despite their differences, have one thing in common. They want their car to rule the road. Well, you can have your dream come true with the K&N Air Intake kit.

This amazing kit guarantees to increase the horsepower allowing your vehicle to have the ultimate speed you’ve always craved for. Even if your vehicle is a power hungry beast, the K&N Air Intake kit is built to meet every vehicle’s demand. So waiting inside your room and not getting the  K&N Air Intake is a bad idea.

Getting the perfect throttle response is a must for every car and driver. The better throttle response you have, the faster your vehicle will accelerate. Often you’ll see that your throttle response will decrease over time. Some vehicles don’t even come with good throttle response. In that case, too the K&N Air Intake kit will improve the throttle response.

To straighten air flow, the K&N air intake system will replace the restrictive factory air filter of your vehicle. It is designed in such a way where it can reduce the intake restriction the factory air filters usually create.

As this process goes on, the engine of your vehicle inhales a larger amount of air compared to the factory air filter assembly. As the engine is getting more air, it’s getting to use more power to accelerate throughout the engine’s RPM range.

Before you need any servicing, you will be able to use this over sized filter up to 100,000 miles. Installing this air intake is pretty easy. All you need is a screwdriver, socket set, and few wrenches and you’ll be good to go.

Highlighted Features

  • Increases horsepower of your vehicle and allows it to have the ultimate speed you always wanted.
  • Can improve throttle response of your vehicle along with the sound of your engine.
  • The intake will replace the entire air intake system that comes with the factory settings.
  • Installing this air intake is nothing but a piece of cake. Just use a screwdriver, socket set, and few wrenches.

9. Tyger Auto Dodge Ram

If you want to add some extra flair to your vehicle, Tyger Auto dodge ram is the product you want. After all these days, it is time for you to give a new look to your vehicle. Just simply put the rocker panel mount side by side and it will give a new look to your car.

The product boasts fit Quad Cab that has 2 full-sized front doors along with 2 narrower rear doors. Now, both the driver and the passengers will have comfort and convenience. Why? It’s because the Tyger Auto Dodge Ram features 100% brand new OE style step bars that are specially designed and made for both driver and passenger sides.

You’ll also have DIY instruction included with all the mounting hardware.

There’s no room for doubt about the durability of this product. The step bars it has are, constructed by 4 inches wide marine grade T304 stainless steel. This steel is followed by triangle tubing which has UV resistant feature and non-slip step pads.

As for installation is concerned, you don’t have to stress yourself a bit on taking a hassle. You can install this amazing kit almost within a snap. Normally, as the product arrives with a simple bolt-on installation process, there’s no need for much of drilling. However, if you’re talking about 2009-2011 and some 2012 models, you may need to have some minor drilling for ¼” holes.

If you’re having an issue with the product, then know that the Tyger Auto Dodge Ram has lifetime warranty offer. You can simply contact your dealer and get your problems fixed without spending a single penny.

Highlighted Features

  • Tyger Auto Dodge Ram features 100% brand new OE style step bars specially constructed for driver and passenger sides.
  • The step bars are constructed by 4-inch wide marine grade T304 stainless steel which has UV resistant feature along with non-slip pads. So you don’t have to doubt the durability at all.
  • Has easy installation process as you don’t have to do much of drilling.
  • Comes with exclusive lifetime warranty offer.

10. Air Lift 88396

Love the Airlift brand? Well, Airlift is known for its brand loyalty. If you love the brand but you’re not sure about a certain model, you can try the new Airlift 88396. It keeps your vehicle safe and sound and boosts its speed.

The Airlift 88396 has an internal jounce bumper that prevents every kind of external damage when you drive your vehicle with an empty airbag.

Get your mind boggled with the Airlift 88396 with its amazing load leveling capacity. Yes, it can load up to 5000 pounds of weight.

Worried about maintenance? Most drivers stress over the fact that they will have to spend a fortune on maintenance expenditure. If you’re one of them, you need to get yourself the Airlift 88396. It is completely maintenance free, so this will save you from spending an extra amount of cash. You’ll be able to safely run your vehicle with zero air pressure.

When you drive your vehicle, there are huge chances that it will clash with rough roads. This may harm your vehicle and even break some of its parts. The Airlift 88396 will make sure that doesn’t happen at all. The product eliminates all the harsh jarring that you can face on rough roads with your vehicle.

Highlighted Features

  • The internal jounce bumper will prevent damage to your vehicle while driving with an empty airbag,
  • It can load up to 5000 pounds of weights.
  • It is completely maintenance free, so it will save you money.
  • Eliminates all the harsh jarring you and your vehicle can face while driving on rough roads.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Leveling Kit

Before buying a leveling kit, you need to make sure what type of kit you should use. Suppose your vehicle needs a certain type, you bought a different one, it won’t be a good experience, right?

Well, here we’ll discuss the things you need to look for and the different types of kits, so stay tuned.

Lift Range:- Using a lift range is a wise decision if you want the front and rear side of your vehicle to be equal. Using a lift range, you’ll be able to lift the front suspensions of the vehicle. 

Some kits, on the other hand, lift both the rear and front of the vehicle. However, they offer unequal inches, so it’s preferable to be careful about your priorities.

Model:- You’ll always need to consider the make and model of your vehicle. Like we mentioned above there are different types of leveling kits. The kit you will choose needs to be compatible with your vehicle.

You should measure your vehicle if you want a level suspension. You should always note correctly how far off the front to rear is from one another. Make sure the distance from the center of the wheel to the top of the wheel is measured correctly. Apply the process for both the front and back of your vehicle.

Ease of Installation:- If you’re a person who is a newbie, you can face problems while installing leveling kit or modifying your vehicle. However, if you have the proper guidelines, you’ll find it very easy. Look for the ones that have the easiest installation process. You can also talk to an expert about it as well.

Quality of Build Materials:- Looking for the quality and what material your kit is made of is a must. Otherwise, you may have problems regarding the durability. The kits that are made of robust aircraft grade materials are the best ones. You also need to make sure you buy the kit that has corrosion resistant feature. Another better option would be to look for the powder coated kits which will match your suspension.

Vehicle Application:- Choosing a kit based on what you are hoping to get out of it is a must. You should add a couple of inches into the front of your vehicle if you are looking for a level stance. This will make sure you experience smooth handling and a quality ride.

Some drivers, on the other hand, install a lift kit instead. If you have a lift kit installed on your vehicle, it doesn’t mean you cannot use a leveling kit. Rather, installing a leveling kit will add a couple of inches to the front or back of your vehicle.

Types of Leveling Kits

1. Strut Extension Leveling Kit

For the front suspension, strut extensions or strut spacers are an amazing choice on vehicles.  This type of leveling kit raises the suspension of the vehicle a couple of inches by putting a spacer on top or bottom of the factory strut.

You know what this means? You won’t have to replace the struts on your vehicle. All you need to do is just slide a leveling kit on top or bottom.

If you ever think that you don’t like your new ride, you can always remove the spacers. You’ll find that strut extension are usually made with steel, billet aluminum or PPA plastic (which has heat chemical and corrosion resistance). 

This leveling kit is easy to install, however, if you’re a newbie to the world of leveling kits, we suggest hiring a professional for the installation.

You should know that with most leveling kits, you’ll be able to add about two inches to the front of your vehicle. The strut extension leveling kit is a different one though. It has some extra leeway which will come quite handy. 

If you want to have the perfect leveling kit experience, it is always a recommendation to use an adjustable kit.

2. Torsion Leveling Kits

As the name says it, these kits are for use on vehicles that has torsion bar suspension systems. You should bear in mind that once you install torsion leveling kits, it will replace the factory torsion bar keys of your vehicle. Thus, it will lift the vehicle on one side or another.

To raise the suspension of the vehicle, the leveling kit completely changes its clock position. You’ll find the replacement keys to be much sturdier than the ones you get from the factory version.  This will allow you to have a lift without compromising your ride.

You may end up damaging your factory torsion keys if you try to adjust them to get a slight lift. Because this will put extra pressure on the load.  As a result, you may end up spending a lot of money to fix it. We always recommend to seek out forged keys that are coated with powder coating.

3. Coil Spring Spacers

If your vehicle has coil springs, you should go with the coil spring spacers. It adds spacers to your vehicle’s upper or lower spring seats as it raises the whole body simultaneously. While buying, you should note if your kit includes the shock extensions needed. Otherwise, you’ll need to buy them on your own.

The coil spring spacers are kinda same to strut extensions. The only difference is you’re adding the spacer to the spring instead of the strut. You may need to remove the spring while dealing with a certain type of kits. You may also need to attach the spacers, reattach the springs as well.

Note that you’ll be able to maintain a factory ride with the coil spring spacer kits.

Some Relevant FAQ For You.

Will I have any problem regarding the ride quality of my vehicle after installing a leveling kit?

Do I need to purchase new shocks along with my kit?

Will my vehicle’s warranty be void if I install a leveling kit?

Final Words

For every driver, it is a must to have leveling kits if he wants to have the perfect driving experience. As you love your car, it is up to you to take care of your car by choosing what it needs. Enjoy the perfect time with your vehicle as install the best leveling kit.

In this article, we tried to cover the top 10 leveling kit brands available in the market. We hope, if you go through this article attentively, you’ll know which leveling kit is perfect for you.