Best Leveling Kit for Silverado [All Update Guide 2020]

Make your riding experience more excellent by getting a leveling kit that will amaze everyone. 

A leveling kit is a hardware used to narrowly put up the front of the vehicle so it fits the stock height in the back. It is constructed to deliver a maximum lift of about 2 inches in the front. 

Uncovering a leveling kit that will perfectly match your Silverado is not an easy task.

If you want a stronger, better, modern as well as smooth ride then you have to choose the best leveling kit for your vehicle.

So, you need to find them from the very best leveling kit options that are available. 

Moreover, it is precisely an important task to find the right size for your Silverado. 

In the list, you will find the best leveling kit for Silverado that is modern and gives a smooth and steady ride.

budget friendly


Lifts CH-3F-2R

  • Available at friendly prize.
  • Perfect Level.
  • Great body design.
also great


Country 6"

Lift Kit​​​​​

  • A great package.
  • All available in one kit.
  • Kits are perfect level.

Best Leveling Kit for Silverado

If you want to promote your vehicle’s design and ground clearance, you should consider using a leveling kit. 

By leveling kits you can choose the look that you have always wanted for your ride.

Here is a list of the 10 best leveling kit below for your Silverados available on the market.

1. Rough Country - 620N2

Introducing an excellent combination of off-road performance and mellow highway passage, manufactured and engineered by Rough Country's Research and Development Team. 

If you are a person like me who never compromises performance on and off-road, it's time for you to grab this amazing 4" N2-Series Kit for Jeep YJ.




173.69 lbs

You will find a dual tapered with the Teflon pad settled in leaf springs for a smoother ride exercise. 

Besides, it involves N3 shocks which are applications valved delivering optimum on and off-road performance.

It includes a tubular transfer case drop kit to maintain proper driveshaft angles. It also delivers track bar drop brackets, bumps stop, and a full set of sway bar links and a brake line relocation. They renovate all of the motor inlet hard lines up to the lines in the fender adequately. 

It is precisely experimented and adapted for YJ applications that come with modern, outfitted and vibration absorbers and nitrogen-charged.

Know that installing a rough country - 620N2 is a hassle-free process and easy to install.

Highlighted Features

  • Amazing control in a rough off-road situation.
  • It's easy to install and hassle-free.
  • It comes with shock absorbers for soft performance.
  • The Teflon pad is fixed with leaf spring for smoother ride experience.

2. Rough Country 2.5" Leveling Kit

The Rough Country 2.50-inch Leveling Kit is ideal for those who don't prefer anything surplus as it is simple.

This provides a lift that is reasonable compared to other leveling kit and also outstanding for GM 1500 Pickups.  




10 lbs

This kit is able to support up to a 32" tire by using 2" Lower Strut Extensions combined with a set of fabricated 2" Rear Blocks to displace the OEM 1" block. It offers a longer lifespan than cast blocks as they are less prone to violent environment and destruction.

The Rough Country Leveling Kit used cast aluminum or stock cast steel as the body to control arm models. Its model is not fitted with stamped steel or cast aluminum factory that regulate arms and auto-leveling.

Know that it provides enough ground clearance to run up to a 285/70/17 tire and even you don't have to break your bank to buy it.

This kit is easy to install and offered at a reasonable price. Fortunately, it is a 100 percent bolt-on installation procedure. It's easy to install and doesn't need any strut compressor for it.

Highlighted Features

  • It provides ground clearance for on and off-road obstacles.
  • Factory ride quality remains untouched and backed by Rough Country's Lifetime Replace. 
  • The front involves shorter strut mount additions, hardware, and strut spacers. 
  • The rear contains 2″ lift blocks, hardware, and U-bolts. 

3. Supreme Suspensions - Front Leveling Kit for 1994-2018

The Supreme Suspensions Leveling Lift Kit equips a maximum lift of 3" in front to enrich the view of your vehicle and run larger tires. 

Get a super compressed support power under heavy cargo and CNC machined from T6 aircraft-grade billet by the set of front spring spacers.




6.7 lbs

As a customer, you should know that supreme suspensions are developed and precisely examined by in-house ASE certified specialists,

If you want a special anodized coating that is corrosion resistant and defends it against particles, know that you will get in the kit exactly what you want. 

Besides, this kit is constructed with an excellent strength-to-weight ratio and aircraft-grade aluminum for great looking.

The installation process requires no special tools. It takes 1 to 2 hours to install the bolt-on spacers. 

Remember that the strut spacer installation modifies the corner of the shorter control arm. So this is for additional lift against the real density of the spacers.

The kit will help your vehicle to improve ground clearance and to ride perfectly for off-road travel. 

Assure that a wheel alignment is performed after installing the kit to examine if there are any hidden alignment problems and fix them

Highlighted Features

  • Enhance the looks of vehicles and provides ground clearance for a smooth ride.
  • You can use larger tires and adjust rims. 
  • It's corrosion-resistant and protects it against elements. 
  • Construct with strength-to-weight ratio and aircraft-grade aluminum  

4. Supreme Suspensions - Front Lift Kit for 2007-2019 Lift Billet Aluminum Strut Spacers 2

Your vehicle deserves a stunning look which you can provide by Supreme Suspension's 3 Inch Front Lift Kit. It is safe and steady as it's developed and rigorously tested by in-house ASE certified experts. 

If you are a person who needs to carry heavy loads in your vehicle, know that this set of front spacers is an accurate CNC engineered from T6 aircraft-grade billet and able to hold huge weights. 




8.45 lbs

Enriches the view of your vehicle and boost ground clearance, allowing you to match bigger custom rims and tires.

It uses special corrosion-resistant spacers which are protected against the elements by a special coating. 

Compared to Extended Cab and Mega Cab Models it is not similar and the front spacer comes with 2 inches thickness and they are to lift height is not a 1:1 ratio. 

Don't worry about time or special tools for installation. Installing it, is easy, don't require any special tools and only takes 1-2 hour for the installation process. 

As a customer, you should know that strut spacer installation alters the angle of the lower control arm. This is provided for an additional lift beyond the actual thickness.

It provides a super strong as well as a glance by its excellent T6 aircraft-grade aluminum and strength-to-weight ratio. 

It is highly-designed for raising the factory rake of your vehicle and to give an aggressive profile.

Highlighted Features

  • Modifies the looks of your vehicle by 2 inches thick spacers.
  • It comes with excellent T6 aircraft-grade aluminum. 
  • Don't require any special tools to install and it's easy. 
  • Corrosion-resistant and shielded by a special coating to prevent damage from any elements.  

5. Rough Country 1307

Increase ground clearance and factory ride quality without any conflicts of an installation process by Rough Country's 2" Leveling Suspension Kit.

It is engineered, examined and developed in Dyersburg, Tennessee USA by Rough Country.




1.4 lbs

Using it, you can balance the front with the Rear of Vehicle. At the time of leveling the front of your vehicle along with rear, It is able to run up to a 32" tire.

Want an innovative spacer design for your vehicles? The satisfactory news for you is that it is shaped from a proprietary material variety that generates an almost unbreakable spacer.

It offers corrosion resistance coating and designed to deal with the elements.

You will find a space of 1 inch thick but 2 inches of lift to the vehicle. If you suspension geometry behind it, you will learn how the additional lift works. Besides, you will get 3 to 4” of lift if you use spacers that measure 2” thickness. 

Highlighted Features

  • Tested by Dyersburg, Tennessee USA .
  • You can adjust larger custom rims and tires.  
  • You will get an additional lift to the vehicles. 
  • All of the kits involves thorough manual instruction to know the installation process.  

6. MotoFab Lifts CH-3F-2R

These lifts are detailed in the sense that they can match many spaces and handle many kinds of vehicles. You can keep them for your concern if you need to take care of different types of trucks.

if you want a kit raised by actual 3" in the front and 2" in the rear, MotoFab Lifts CH-3F-2R is perfect options for you. 

If you compare it with the 2007-2018 Chevrolet & GM 1500 Pickups it's not similar.




21.6 lbs

You can install it within 2-3 hours and it doesn't require any special tool or strut. 

The front spacers are CNC machined which is created of billet aluminum. It is a powder-coated black finish to fit your factory halts. 

The kit is made of modern fabricated rear lift blocks and longer U bolts. Assembled lift blocks will withstand cast iron and solid aluminum bottom lift blocks. They are also coated with corrosion-resistant powder and long-lasting. 

You will gain a 100% satisfaction guarantee and strongest on the store by this kit.

When you will get it in your hand, you will notice that it's a complete set of all the hardware and instructions.

Proudly, all MotoFab lifts products are prepared in the USA with USA sourced equipment.

The thickness of the lift spacers and lift is not a 1 to 1 ratio for the rest geometry.

Highlighted Features

  • The installation process is easy and doesn't require a strut compressor for it.
  • It is powder-coated by the excellent black finish to fit your factory suspensions.    
  • Developed lift blocks will overcome cast iron and solid aluminum bottom lift blocks.  
  • The front spacers are built of strong billet aluminum.   

7. Rough Country 6" Lift Kit

Getting greater ground clearance, better handling with decent looks is what a motorist always craves for. Know that rough country 6" lift kit heard your yearning and raised the bar on 6" NTD suspension for '99 - '06 GM 1500 pickups.




210 lbs

Experience a perfect blend of a ride with a set of lifted front knuckles and 6.25" rear fabricated and Premium N3 Shock Absorbers designed by rough country.

It provides an anti-wrap block that allows the full package of high clearance drop cross units and the cross units gives the unmatched off-road capability.

You will also get differential drop brackets and non-torsion bar drop brackets to maintain everything seamed, hidden, and at outstanding positions. 

The anti-wrap blocks also help to run up to 35" tires by your 1500 and this full set includes many other spaces. You will receive a set of premium N3 shocks, sway-bar links, front CV spacers and a skid plate to protect.

They will provide you everything you need to get moving even at the best price.

Highlighted Features

  • It provides a steady ride with ground clearance and easy to install.
  • The anti-wrap blocks allow the kit to run up to 35" tires.  
  • It provides a set of lifted front knuckles and 6.25" rear fabricated    
  • It arranges Premium N3 Shock Absorbers with the set.    

8. Dynofit 2-4" Lift Upper Control Arms

To ensure safety and long drive as well, Dynofit 2-4" Lift Upper Control Arms arranges 360 Hours Corrosion resistance test. You can drive your vehicle 10-20 thousands of miles anti-Stress corrosion proudly.




14.15 lbs

Don't miss this new lift upper control arms as it is more updated now and solved the rubbing issue. It's so much stronger and its pre-pressed ball joint is more durable. It is able to carry heavy loads without any extra pressure.

It is because all the parts are made of strong elements such as CNC Bent Thick Tube, CNC Machined Control Assembly Arm Pre-Assembled With Bushings, Mounts & Ball Joints.

After a few hours of installation, you are going to have modern and improved vehicles.

What you will get in the full package of Dynofit 2-4" Lift Upper Control Arms? You will find a set of left and right control arms with other aspects.

Highlighted Features

  • Assures safety long drive by 360 hours of the corrosion-free test.
  • All the parts are made of strong components.  
  •  You can ride your vehicle 10-20 thousands of miles smoothly   
  • Easy to install.     

9. Supreme Suspensions - Full Lift Kit for Chevy Silverado

Achieve a solid and long-lasting fitment that is certified by ASE technicians.

It will provide a smooth ride without sock mount eco relocation brackets, pro comp shocks. 

It is built with strong carbon steel aluminum poly and solid carbon steel. It is resistance to deformation and hardened to a gained strength of no less than 60,000 psi. The key is coated for a wonderful look which you can use for long terms.




20.1 lbs

Enhance the look of your vehicle and boost ground clearance, fit larger custom rims and tires as you prefer. 

Achieve a solid and long-lasting fitment that is certified by ASE technicians. It will provide a smooth ride without shock mount eco relocation brackets, pro comp shocks.

You don't have to worry about safety as it includes maximum amounts of safety. It arranges the essential clamping force on your spring assembly. Besides, it is designed to overcome even the most severe settings. It will fulfill your desired spring stiffness and it will provide the leaf spring packs by the U-bolts.

It will provide a 3-inch front and a 1-inch rear suspension lift. You can reuse the Factory shocks without spoiling ride quality.

It is made with T6 aircraft-grade billet and will never compress under heavy burdens.

Enjoy a great ride after easy bolt-on installation by 2 or 4 hours. You don't need any special tools to do that. Don't forget to check the alignment if you are altering the height of your vehicle.

Highlighted Features

  • It will deliver a 3-inch front and a 1-inch rear suspension lift.
  • You will get an easy bolt-on installation process by 2 or 4 hours.    
  • It will give a soft ride without shock mount.    
  • It is created with a T6 aircraft-grade billet.     

10. Supreme Suspensions - Front Lift Kit for 2007-2019 Front Lift Strut Spacers

For wider ground clearance, you need a leveling kit that is equally large and great levelers. You can keep this kit for your consideration as they have invariably verified to be incredible and well-suited for these types of applications. Besides, the levelers are also simple and easy to install.





Get a super looking vehicle with Supreme Suspension's 0.5 Inch Lift Kit, developed and tested by in-house engineers. 

To level, the outlook of your truck, fit larger wheels and tires or pick up some ground clearance. Get this kit to achieve your wants as you can fit bigger custom rims and tires.

If you want to increase your vehicle's ground clearance that can be fitted to larger custom rims and tires, then choosing this front lift kit which is designed by the latest metal fabrication will be a smart choice.

Besides, it is coated with a fantastic black finish to avoid oxidation and corrosion. It makes sure to give a lifetime of reliability, even in the extreme situation. 

You can also use the spacers on stock suspension and with any leveling and lift kits.

Highlighted Features

  • It helps to provide a smooth ride without corrosion and oxidation.
  • Enhance the looks of your vehicles. 
  • Easy to install and made with strong metals.  
  • You can adjust a big rim or tire as you prefer.    

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The vehicles we drive regularly can face a breakdown situation anytime. Each time it faces this trouble, it requires reparation. However, if you purchase a leveling kit that will give you a ground clearance and protection against harmful elements. Learning the best leveling kit for Silverado, will deliver a perfect match for your favorite vehicles.