We Have The Best Club Car Lift Kits– Wanna Know Why?

Playing golf in a countryside club, moving through the lakeside with a golf cart aka club car adds fun and enjoyment during our weekend tours. However, one problem during golf time shatters the comfort of most players. Can you dare to guess what I am talking about till now?

Yes, I am talking about the golf cart or club car – with small tires, and low-profile ground clearance people often find it tough to move along the difficult terrains with smoothness and comfort. This issue usually resolves different solutions, such as increasing the dimensions of your cart tire.

Nonetheless, this also requires a proper lift kit to be able to hold bigger tires with perfection. The 2020 market is already booming with a variety of club car lift kits, and we have had a close inspection of them. We have gone through the specifications, compatibility, functionality, and endurance along with the price.

This has aspired us to list and review the top ten best club car lift kit available in 2020 that include Golf Cart 5 Panel Mirror for EZGO Club Car Yamaha by Franklin.

Our review will be followed by an intriguing buying guide with all the essential information required to assist you in finding out the most appropriate club car leveling kit at a reasonable price.

So, let’s begin.

1. Club Car Precedent Heavy Duty Deluxe Rear Leaf Spring Kit 

Best pick


  • Rubber bushings ensure a smooth ride.
  • 15% thicker OEMs feature heavy-duty carrying capacity.
  • All gas and electric run models made after 2004 are compatible.
  • Made in the USA.

Golf Cart King is a trusted and reliable brand for making useful Golf equipment. They have elated the Golf lovers once more with this Deluxe Rear Lift Spring Kit. The kit is compatible with all Precedent modes made in 2004 and after.

The rubber bushing, along with the high-quality powder coating gives the spring kit premium endurance. It withstands corrosion and is water-resistant. So, you won’t need to think twice about the color warranty.

The rear leaf spring kit will enable you to carry a substantial cargo load and at least two adult passengers comfortable. You won’t have to experience squat or squeak anymore.

The package includes two U-bolts which makes the installation a walk in the park.

  • Powerful real springs.
  • Pretty easy setup.
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Secured ride.
  •  Reported nothing so far.


This beautiful baby is the bank for the buck, allowing you to carry your favorite person for a smooth ride around the serene golf course.

2. Golf Cart 5 Panel Mirror for EZGO Club Car Yamaha by Franklin.



  • The cart includes five-panel golf cart universal mirrors.
  • The mirrors provide a panoramic rear-view.
  • The packages include universal hardware.

This universal 5-panel mirror golf cart is the ideal go for option if you are a proud owner of an EZGO club car. Many golf cart drivers often complain about the positioning and visibility of their regular mirrors in the vehicle.

This problem was resolved cleverly by Franklin as they introduced us with this brilliant mirror for the cart. Its mirrors are a panoramic rear view which is excellent for moving around the golf course with ease. The golf cart mirror also has a universal five-panel setup, which is another fantastic feature.

With universal hardware that comes along with the product, you can install it with the most golf carts. The installation is pretty straightforward and doesn’t require professionals. Once you install the 5-panel mirror for Yamaha club cars, you are at liberty to move sound your neighborhood with confidence and without the fear of being hurt by teenage drivers.

The golf cart panel mirror is a necessary item and doesn’t have anything fancy about it. It does well what it is supposed for-allowing you see what is coming from the back. You will love its endurance and incredible visibility, even during the foggy conditions.

  • Universal 5 panel mirroring system.
  • Durable.
  • Includes necessary hardware for installation.
  • Affordable.
  • The set up is a bit painful.
  • It doesn’t support all models.


You will love seeing your babies moving around the neighborhood and golf course freely in a safe way. The mirror will negate the chance of being hit from the back.

3. 16.5" Extra Wide Panoramic Rear View Mirror.


  • An extra-wide rear-view mirror.
  • 150° viewing angle.
  • Packages include everything for the installation.

Are you fed up with moving your shoulder left and right to see what’s behind you? Or have you faced shoulder lock issues due to frequent movement of your shoulder to see the behind from your club car? It’s time to introduce you to the world-famous 16.5" Extra Wide Panoramic Rear-View Mirror made by Fat Cat Golf.

This has a 150° viewing angle which means that you can now see everything behind in just one mirror. The ultra-wide curved panel lets you see everything without distortion and multiple mirrors.  The package includes two screws (self-tapping) and a heavy gauge steel bracket plate to install the 16.5” wide rear-view mirror.

Once you set up the mirror with adjustment to your height and comfort, there’s nothing to worry about for something coming and hitting you from the back. It’s all enjoyable.

  • Perfect for wide-angle views.
  • Easy to install.
  • There’s no distortion.
  • Curved design.
  • Installation instructions aren't included.


The fantastic one-piece rear-view mirror is compatible with most brands such as Ez Go, Club Car, Yamaha.

4. Red Hawk Precedent Golf Cart Steering Gear Box.


  • Significantly increase the easiness of turning the car steering wheel.
  • Suitable for both gas and electric run Club Car Precedent made after 2004.
  • After installing you should grease the tie end rod for endurance.

This baby from Red Hawk will dramatically change your club car driving experience. It makes the movement of the driving wheel so easy that you will be spellbound with the easiness. The steering wheel will turn on both directions without any troubles as you add this Red Hawk Precedent steering gearbox to your vehicle.

If you are thinking intensely about installing a new lift kit to increase the ground clearance of your golf cart, we suggest you also assemble this steering gearbox for the convenient and comfortable driving experience. Coming at a price of roundabout 70$, this will be a great addition to your club car.

Red Hawk has used premium quality stainless steel to make this product. So, it is sure to withstand corrosion and rust for an extended period. Being a Red Hawk product, it also guarantees top-notch performance.

  • Unprecedented durability.
  • Budget-friendly pricing.
  • Premium performance.
  • Convenient use.
  • Do fit Turf, Carryall, and DS vehicles.
  • Needs professionals for proper installation.


You will love the way this Red Hawk steering wheel and gearbox assembly make your steering wheel movement comfortable and fun during rides.

5. Club Car Rear Heavy Duty Leaf Spring Kit.


  • Heavy-duty rear leaf kit supports substantial weight lift.
  • Suitable for both electric and gas run club carts.
  • Rubber bushing gives convenient off and on-road riding experience.

Club cars are not meant for carrying heavy-duty loads. Hence, most golf carts aka club cars tend to squat slowly when loaded with carrying packages like beds, extra passenger or cargo items. This hinders the carrying and also has an adverse effect on the performance.

In this case, your penultimate friend is this Club Car Rear Heavy Duty Leaf Spring Kit which will kick in to give your vehicle the other boots for a comfortable and squat free ride even on the difficult terrains. It delivers precisely what the item is made for- lifting the carrying capacity of your golf cart.

The rubber bushings provide squeak free smooth riding experience. In the meantime, powerful springs ensure that the heavy-duty leaf spring kit doesn’t breakdown under stress. The club car rear spring kit supports models of 2004-up both gas and electric run. This is a great advantage.

  • Heavy-duty spring leaf kit.
  • Premium built quality.
  • Strong and rugged springs.
  • Rust and corrosion protection.
  • It needs slight modification for installation.


If you wish to carry your best friends on the rear seats and don’t want your club car to squat, this HD Rear Leaf Springs made item will be your faithful companion during the weekends.

6. Golf Cart Set of 4 Retractable Belt Kit.


  • Excellent safety measurement for your kids and pets.
  • The item weighs 11 pounds.
  • Seat belt measurement is 44”.

If you have little kids or pets, adding this retractable seat belt kit to your golf cart is a must. It will ensure that none of your kids or pets falls accidentally from the cart front or rear seat. It also works nicely to allow you to move through the streets around your neighborhood without violating the Traffic Protection Law.

The sleek design of the retractable seat belts looks impressive and complements well with almost all club car models. It will turn your cart into a street-legal vehicle. Perfect!

The belt set is tagged ‘universal’ which means with little modification you can install it in most cart models. That’s a fantastic adjustment from Fat Cat Golf, the proud manufacturer of this tremendous belt kit.

The package includes brackets and all essential hardware for easy installation and mounting on the Yamaha, EZGO and Club Car.

  • Easy to set up.
  • Package includes all hardware.
  • Durable.
  • Universal application.
  • Unsatisfactory after-sales service.


Do you wish to turn your club car into a street-legal vehicle? This cost-friendly retractable seat belt is here to fulfill your dream. Go and grab now.

7. LED Glow Golf Cart Neon Light Kit

Best pick


  • Eighteen reliable modes of color to suit your mood.
  • Additionally, there are some advanced modes such as fade, flash, and scan.
  • Dimension is 24.7 x 5 x 3.5 inches.
  • The product weighs 3.9 pounds.

A golf cart looks ordinary, but you can turn it into an impressive look with the inclusion of this beautiful 18 color supported LED Glow Golf Cart Neon Light Kit. All the color modes are robust and brilliantly complement the golf cart appearance.

The 24” long LED tube is water-resistant and flexible. It houses 48 SMD LEDs.

Furthermore, these LEDs are modeled in 5050 wide-angle. Therefore, this is perfect for soothing under low lighting to your club car.

The wireless remote will let you change the colors from a distance even when you are not in the cart. Additionally, the control box features 12-volts power. So, you won’t need to worry about high power consumption.

  • Impressive look.
  • Wireless control.
  • Sound activation system.
  • Easy to install.
  • Questionable quality.
  • Not so durable.


This customizable color LED will change the way your golf cart will look as the sun fades away. It’s pure love.

8. Club Car DS Custom Dash



  • Carbon fiber-built dashboard.
  • Tires are pre-aired for easy setup.
  • It measures 42 x 8 x 8 inches.
  • The product weighs only 5.35 pounds.

The Red Hawk has made this customized carbon fiber dashboard to give your golf cart a much-needed kick. It has everything your vehicle needs for a long-awaited lift. The Club Car DS dash turns your regular street golf cart into an off-road beast within a few minutes.

The tires of the dash package come aired with proper pressure and mounting. Hence, the tires are all ready to put on the golf carts. The carbon fiber gives your club car a premium look. The material is also lightweight and passes the taste of endurance quite well.

What’s best is that the package roughly includes a 6” lift A-Arm kit and it is compatible with all Precedents made after 2004.  You will also be able to store and secure your gears as the dash includes keys and locks.

  • Lightweight.
  • Durable.
  • Key and locks included.
  • Nice decor.

  • Slightly overpriced.


This beautiful piece of DS Custom Dash will add flair to your club car while increasing the performance and riding experience significantly.

9. New RecPro Golf CART Deluxe Street Legal Light Kit.


  • LED head and tail lights.
  •  Compatible with models from 1993-2007.
  • The package weighs 10 pounds.
  • The LED kit turns your club cur into a street-legal vehicle.

It's always pleasing to see your club car turn into a vintage street legal vehicle. However, not all LED light kits will help you in fulfilling your dream. Hence, we thought about reviewing this Deluxe street legal light kit from RecPro to help you find the best club car lift kits.

The package includes both adjustable Head and Tail LED lights. The package also provides a horn and turn signals. The intense light coming out of the LED is visible from quite a distance so that you will enjoy the utmost safety.

The horn sound is also audible amidst heavy traffic. Thus, you will have fun riding your golf cart with this light kit. To be honest, there’s nothing exceptional about the product except the fact that it is durable, has a vintage killer appearance and a cost-affordable budget.

  • A different look
  • Includes turn signal and horn.
  • Hardware and direction are packages included.
  • It works with only 12 volts.


Don’t bother about busy streets anymore. Use the brilliantly designed LED lights of the RecPro to experience a smooth and fun ride.

10. MODZ Flip4 Club Car Precedent Rear Seat Kit


  • The body frame is made of high-density polyethylene.
  • There’s a power coating for further protection.
  • Comparably 5-10% heavier than the regular rear seat.

Now increasing the passenger-carrying capacity of your favorite club car aka golf cart is as easy as you will get. All thanks go to the MODZ Flip4 Club Car Precedent rear seat kit. The seat looks impressive and features an easy bolt-on installation.

The rear seat can be quickly flipped down and has a cargo bed so that you can convert your cart to a utility vehicle — all within a few minutes. The cargo-bed is made using high-density polyethylene for extended durability and comfortable ride.

The cushions are contoured, and there's a backrest facility in the form of thermal rest. On top of that, the rear seat kit facilitates seat belt tabs. These are integrated and so, saves you from buying extra brackets if you want to install a back seat retractable seat belt.

All in all, you will love the premium look and top-notch comfort of the MODZ Flip4 seat kit. It’s just brilliant.

  • Cushioned contour for comfort.
  • Durable.
  • Heavy-duty facility.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Slightly heavyweight.


Your favorite person will enjoy premium comfort as you ride with him/her for a lovely evening timeout. It will help you to create and maintain a positive impression.

Club Car Accessory Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Club Car Lift Kit?


Club car or golf cart, although priced higher, comes along with only the basic arrangements. Hence, it is crucial to add some necessary kits with the vehicle. It will increase the performance, durability, and appearance of your club car.

Since a club car is all set for significant modifications, the choices of buying additional kit for your favorite vehicle is wide open. It makes your selection process even tougher than thought initially. So, how would you decide which accessory and lift kit are the most suitable for your golf cart?

The following ideas may help you to select the most necessary golf cart accessories within your budget.


You may choose from the golf cart manufacturer.

Since club cars aka golf carts offer an incredibly basic layout, most manufacturers offer you professional installation for some extra kits. It works excellently as you won’t require added effort and time to install the needed packages all by yourself.

The manufacturers use professionals to install all required golf cart kits. So, you will enjoy peace of mind. However, these manufacturing companies have little variety compared with the online stores, which is a significant setback.


Decide your preference.

The world of club car kits is a giant one. It ranges from lift kit to mirror panel and what not! So, it is essential that you decide early, which package is more crucial for you.

For instance, if you want ground clearance, you should opt for a lift kit. Or, if you have kids and pets, installing a retractable seat belt will work correctly.

Then, there are LED lights for turning your club car into a street-legal vehicle. The LED light kit also adds blazing beauty to your cart. So, decide wisely about what you want.


Installation process.

You will have to install all the kit you buy for your club car. Moreover, all the kits require proper installation ranging from few minutes to a couple of hours. Some will even require professionals for the setup.

So, read the installation process carefully, even before buying the kit. It will help you to know about the next steps.

Trust me, it works!


Lift kit elevation.

All club cars have low ground clearance. It hinders your ride vehemently and so; you need to increase the height of your club car. You can do it easily with the inclusion of a proper lift kit. However, it would help if you decided how much elevation is within your comfort zone.

The standard lift kit height for club cars vary between 1” to 3” and should be right for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: I want to buy a new model of club car made after 2017 and beyond. Will the lift kits and other accessories be available for it?

Q: Which one should I choose- a new or a used club car?

Q: I want to drive my club car around my neighborhood. Is it possible?


Buying the best club car lift kits isn’t a walk in the park. It requires much consideration such as quality, endurance, appearance and driving experience. But we have made the task more straightforward for you.

Our review team has researched extensively in the market, taken views from manufacturers and customers to do this selective review. We actively aspire that the report comes handy for you. Before I sign off, I would eagerly like to wish you good luck with your weekend gold career.