4ruuners are a great addition to our trailing experience, especially on the off-roads. However, for extreme trailing and off-road riding 4runnners require a complete overhaul of the suspension to increase the ground height.

It is because the vehicles come in a basic model with a factory stored suspension kit. Although it is suitable for regular drives, it may not suit everyone’s preference. Hence, overhauling is necessary. And to uplift the suspension level, you need the best lift kits.

The best 4runnner lift kits need to be high-quality, durable and suit your off-road preference with significant ground clearance like the Daystar Toyota 4Runner 1.5" Rear Lift Kit. Hence, we decided to come up with a review of the best eight 4runner lift kits.

Our review broadly includes the product review of prospective features and a buying guide to assist you in purchase the most suitable lift it for your 4 runners.

So, without beating around the bush, let’s get-go.

1. Daystar Toyota 4Runner 1.5" Rear Lift Kit


Highlighted Features

  • It increases the ground height significantly.
  • The lift kit weighs only 2 pounds.
  • Most customers have given it a 4star review.
  • Rubber cone stabilizes the coil.

Our 1st inclusion in the reviewing list is the Toyota 4runner lift kit from Daystar. The manufacturer has a reputation in the market for producing premium-quality and durable items for cars and pickups, and this 1.5” rear lift kit has lived up to the expectation level.

The marvelous level kit supports both two and four-wheel drives of Toyota 4runner. It also supports all models released between 1996-2002. So, this lift kit is for the old school models. It is a remarkable foot since you will face difficulty to find the best 4runner lift kit for the early models.

America built lift kit is made from high-density polyurethane. So, the equipment is exceptionally durable. It gains popularity among 4Runnner fans due to its easy installation. Many reports that they took only two hours to complete the full installation.

Positive Side
  • Made in America.
  • Durable performance.
  • Lifelong warranty.
  • Suitable for all cab and transmission sizes.
Negative Side
  • Suitable for only 1996-2002 year’s models.

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If you own a slightly old model of Toyota 4runner, this Daystar lift kit will give your vehicle a boost during the harsh training and off-road riding.

4.6 OUT OF 5.0 STARS

2.Bilstein 33-187174 2" Lift Rear Shock for Toyota FJ Cruiser​

Highlighted Features

  • The series improves off-road flex.
  • An excellent lift solution for SUVs and trucks.
  • Monotube design for consistent performance.

If you are looking for smooth and cool operation from a lift kit that will provide you with a prolonged performance, the 5100 series from Bilstein is, undoubtedly, designed for you. The monotube design comes along a pressurized gas shock absorbing facility to assist you during the rides.

The lift kit will give your Toyota FJ cruiser a 2” inch lift from the ground which is good enough to take your vehicle even in the most extreme terrains. The lift kit supports 4runner models from 2002-20014 and FJ Cruiser models from 2010-2014.

The lift kit is coated with a Triple C technology and features a Zinc alloy premium plated finish. So, you will get extended durability for sure. The piston reacts smoothly with changing road conditions, thanks to its digressive and velocity-sensitive piston.

The shock absorber is suitable for all particular applications to increase the performance of your Toyota FJ Cruiser significantly.

Positive Side
  • Durable and consistent.
  • Matches perfectly with Toytec rear coils.
  • Bilstein provides a direct bolt-on facility.
Negative Side
  • Nothing until now.

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The Bilstein lift rear shock will provide you with optimal performance and an aggressive look while you are on and off the road.

4.8 OUT OF 5.0 STARS

3. Husky Liners Toyota 4Runner with Standard Area

Highlighted Features

  • It is a premium cargo liner from Husky Linear.

  • It protects damage from water, battery acid, and many more thing.
  • A custom-fit rear cargo linear.

We have seen many 4Runner owners eager to carry their pet with them during weekends for an extended tour but to fear about the dirtiness of the cargo area. Additionally, it so happens that you get a lot of camping stuff, greasy equipment, and potted plants to carry. All these add dirt on your vehicle cargo area.

But you won’t have to worry anymore since the removable cargo linear from Husky Liners makes cargo cleaning easy. Just take it away and wipe the dirt with water. That’s as easy as you will get.

The FormFit design complements perfectly to match your specified contours during the ride. Not to stop here, the cargo liner is rugged and has a beautiful sporty look, thanks to its blended proprietary material.

The cargo liner is available in three attractive colors, black, tan and grey. So, it will fit all types of SUVs and trucks interior.

Positive Side
  • Available in multiple colors.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Durable performance.
  • Wide range of applications.
Negative Side
  • Not suitable for all models.

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With the inclusion of Husky Linear made cargo carpet, you can store anything and almost everything in your standard cargo area.

4.6 OUT OF 5.0 STARS

4. Daystar, Toyota Tacoma 2.5" Leveling Kit

Highlighted Features

  • Weighs only 3.65 pounds.
  • Dimension is 10 x 6 x 4 inches.
  • Smooth exterior.
  • Supports both 4Runner and Tacoma model.

This is our second inclusion for the famous brand Daystar in best 4runner lift kit reviews, and it's’ for no ordinary reasons. The 2.5” leveling kit comes along marvelous features for optimal and smooth performance. What’s good about the equipment is that it fits well with all cabs and transmission sizes.

The lift kit is compatible with Tacoma models built between 205-2017. It is also compatible with 4Runners both Two and four-wheel driving built between 2005-2009. America made the leveling kit is sure to withstand corrosion for years.

The Daystar kit doesn’t feature ordinary metal-on-metal connection. This is particularly helpful for smooth riding in harsh terrains. The kit combined smooth ride, aggressive look and reliable performance which makes it a favorite one for the most 4runner owners- novice and experienced alike.

The installation may last around two to four hours which is quite reasonable given the amazing feature the kit will provide.

Positive Side
  • Optimal performance.
  • Cost is affordable.
  • Supports all cab and transmissions.
Negative Side
  • Not suitable for all years’ models.

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The leveling kit will give the 4Runner and Tacoma owner a thrilling off and on rod riding experience at a fantastic price tag.

5.0 OUT OF 5.0 STARS

5. Rough Country 3" Lift Kit 2010-2019 4-Runner

Highlighted Features

  • It has a significant 3” lift from the ground.
  • CAD processed cutting precision.
  • The package includes N3 shock absorbers.
  • Available in also 2”.

This is undoubtedly one of the best 4runner lift kit because it will gift your 4Runner everything it needs. The 3” lift kit will blend style and reliable performance to make your vehicle ready for tacking everything that comes in its way.

3” lift means you will enjoy more ground clearance than the previously mentioned 1.5” Daystar leveling kit. This one has doubled the ground clearance, which is an excellent feature. So, you will be able to ride with more confidence and liberty.

The manufacturer has used the revolutionary CAD process to each part with premium precision to ensure long-lasting and reliable performance. On top of I, the new bolt technology ensures that you enjoy at least a thousand miles of secured and smooth driving experience on your vehicle.

Furthermore, the built-in bolt-on set up means that you can complete the installation in your garage without the help of a professional. It saves a few dollars.

Positive Side
  • Lifetime replacement warranty.
  • Easy setup.
  • The factory height’s adjusted brilliantly.
Negative Side
  • Not suitable for models like X-REAS Hydraulic Struts.

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If you like a rare combination of performance, smooth riding experience and an aggressive yet stylish look to your 4Runner, it will best fit your necessity.

4.5 OUT OF 5.0 STARS

6. Rough Country 3" Lift Kit 1996-2002 Suspension System

Highlighted Features

  • Compatible with models of 1996-2002.
  • The suspension kit is a premium one.
  • Dimension is 30.2 x 14.2 x 6.8 inches.
  • It weighs 35 pounds.

This is our second take from Rough Country, and it is for those who own a slightly old model of SUVs and trucks. The lift kit is compatible with 4runner models for both two-wheeler and four-wheelers. It supports fitting for models made between 1996-2002.

The N3 Shock absorber is a premium quality product and so, it will give the best performance with sustainable reliability. Likewise, the newer model, this one also gives your vehicle an impressive look. The rear is lifted by 3” inches which increases your visibility on and off the road.

The kit also has an easy and convenient installation. You won’t have to be a pro to set up the suspension kit. With the user manual and a few videos from YouTube, you can do it in your garage within two to four hours.

Positive Side
  • Reliable performance.
  • Increased ground clearance.
  • Affordable.
  • Durable.
Negative Side
  • It supports the 1996-2002 models only.

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Your search for a perfect suspension kit with an impressive look will come to an end with this Rough Country lift kit.

4.5 OUT OF 5.0 STARS

7. Tyger Auto TG-AM2T20148 Star Armor Kit

Highlighted Features

  • The powder-coating is black and rust-resistant.
  • The kit comes along a five-year-long extended warranty period.
  • Capable of holding up to 500 pounds.
  • The girder system is a dual one.

Many people love to attach the running board to their trucks and that serves both stylishly and functionally. This Tyger Auto running kit is a perfect blend of these two.

The black texture with a powder coating doesn’t create an eyesore to eyes. With compatibility for Dodge Rams made between 2009 to 2019, the armor kit will be a convenient edition for your vehicle. The best thing about the running board is its impressive look that looks like a costly investment. But in reality, it is a cost-affordable product.

The grip features star step pads which are a patent of Tyger’s. Additionally, the dual guarder ensures superior protection. And lastly, the powder-coating is scratch and weather-resistant so that the product will last for an extended period.

Positive Side
  • A perfect combination of style and function.
  • Premium-quality.
  • Easy installation.
Negative Side
  • All holes are not pre-drilled.

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This will be one heck of an addition to your vehicle with a premium look at a tight budget.

4.7 OUT OF 5.0 STARS

8. Bilstein 5100 Monotube Gas Shock Set for 2005-2015 Tacoma

Highlighted Features

  • The 5100 is compatible with Tacoma build between 2005-2015.
  • It weighs only 28 pounds.
  • The dimension is 10 x 10 x 30 inches.

Bilstein 5100 gas shock set is an all-rounder that comes along industry scale standard. The fantastic shock absorber set is made for Tacoma build between 2005 to 2015. So, it compatible with most of the new models of Tacoma.

The kit will stabilize your vehicle in the tough terrains while increasing the control and performance in the highways. Its 2.5” diameter is a bonus to fit even bigger tires on your Tacoma. Furthermore, the front-end lift cooperates well with the adjustable spring perch for better performance in the long run.

The construction of the gas pressure features monotube. So, you will enjoy premium durability. Lastly, the piston comes with high flow adjustment that reduces harshness during vehicle driving. You will thus love the smoothness on the road.

Positive Side
Negative Side
  • Limited warranty.
  • Not suitable for 5 Lag models.

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You are going to love its 

maximum speed and aggressiveness as you drive through deserts and mountain terrains for fun.

4.7 OUT OF 5.0 STARS

Best Lift Kit Buying Guide: Things You Need to Consider

Lift kit or suspension kits are a great addition to your 4WD and 2WD vehicles for a comfortable off-road ride and while going through robust terrains. The lift kit enables your car to pass the high roads with a significant clearance from the ground. It also increases the look of pickups and trucks while providing smooth performance.

On top of it, suspension kits with shock-absorbing ability help to retain the durability of the vehicle. Hence, it would help if you considered many things as you decide to buy a proper suspension kit for your four-wheelers.

  • You’re driving experiences

Although it is not directly related to either of your vehicles or lift kit, your driving preference and the experience will determine a lot of things. It is because adding a leveling kit will bring substantial changes in your driving experience.

One thing is for sure that the extra elevation shifts the way you would drive. Some drivers occasionally reported that they had some difficulty to adjust the initial changes. So, make sure that you are all ready to accept those changes.

  • How Much Elevation Do You Prefer?

The leveling kit comes along with many levels of elevation such as 1”,1.5”,2” and even up to 4” inches and more. So, it would help if you determined how much elevation you prefer for your vehicle. If you regularly drive in touch terrains for camping, a 3” or 4” will be suitable for your car.

On the contrary, if you frequently drive in highways and want a ground clearance for the look and optimal performance, 2” and 2.5” inches will be perfect. So, decide the elevation you want before buying the leveling kit.

  • Is It Suitable for Your Vehicle Model?

Not all lift kits are made for all types of vehicles. The lift kit models are produced for specific vehicle models and also fitting are dependent on the making year of your vehicle. For instance, our Rough Country 3" Lift Kit supports four and two-wheelers from 1996 to 2002 years. So, check whether or not the lift kit specifications are compatible with your vehicle model and year.

Otherwise, you will end up investing in a wrong lift kit. Will it like wasting your money?

  • Lift Kit Material

Most elevation kits are a lifetime investment. Manufacturers often give a lifetime replacement warranty, and customers also expect their packages to work for the lifetime of their vehicle. Hence, the building material of your suspension kit is critical. While stainless steel is more durable, they are heavier and costlier also. On the other hand, polyethylene or plastic made ones are less durable but are cost-friendly and less sustainable. So, try to adjust your necessity and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Que : How do I understand which height is suitable for my vehicle?

Ans: Well, there’s no definite answer to the question. It depends on your preference and the size of the tires of your vehicles.

Que : Does the lift kit or suspension kit influence my vehicle driving?

Ans : As long as the installation is perfect, your vehicle drive quality will get a slight increase. But, there’s no going back.

Que : What does the facility bolts-on kit bring?

Ans: Bolts-on lift kits are easy to install. Furthermore, they are pressed in with the spacer for added durability.

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Lift kits are fabulous- combines performance, durability, and appearance. However, these kits have a wide range of variety and are suitable for different types of vehicles. So, be sure to choose the best one for your vehicle.

Our review of the eight best 4 runner lift kits comes with compatibility for both old and new models of vehicles ranging from Toyota pickups, SUVs, trucks to Cruisers. We have kept a close eye on the durability, performance, and budget to aid you in buying the best one. We have also focused on the premium appearance and facility for your vehicle.

Hence, the review will be a perfect one to help you select the best lift kits in 2020 without any hassle.

Good luck with your new lift kit. Enjoy the new look and aggressiveness.